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The 20 richest people in the world accumulate 1.77 trillion dollars, 24% more than a year ago

The coronavirus has squeezed the economies of thousands of families, but not those of the richest. The year ends with gains for the vast majority of them, as only three of the 20 richest people on the planet have seen their wealth diminish this year. Together, the 20 largest fortunes end 2020 with a joint equity that adds up to 1.77 trillion dollars (1.44 trillion euros), representing 24% more than a year ago, according to the Bloomberg index. The decline of Amancio Ortega (Inditex), the one that has seen his fortune decrease the most, since it has contracted by some 7,300 million dollars, leaves the top 10 without Spanish representation, where only the Frenchman Bernard Arnault (LVMH) prevents a full American.

in billions of dollars
Annual variation
in %
1Jeff BezosEE UUAmazon (AMZN)193.768.7
2Elon MuskEE UUTesla (TSLA) & SpaceX160.7482.2
3Bill GatesEE UUco-founder of Microsoft (MSFT)131.516.3
4Bernard ArnaultFranceLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton113.88.1
5Mark ZuckerbergEE UUFacebook (FB)104.833.8
6Warren BuffettEE UUBerkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.A)86.9-2.7
7Larry PageEE UUco-founder of Google (GOOGL)82.627.9
8Steve BallmerEE UUMicrosoft (MSFT)81.039.2
9Sergey BrinEE UUco-founder of Google (GOOGL)80.027.6
10Larry EllisonEE UUOracle Corporation (ORCL)78.834.2
11Mukesh AmbaniIndiaReliance Industries Limited76.430.4
12Francoise Bettencourt MeyersFranceL’Oreal SA76.329.3
13Zhong ShanshanChinaNongfu Spring Co Ltd74.6997.1
14Amancio OrtegaSpainIndustria de Diseno Textil SA – Inditex68.2-9.7
15Rob WaltonEE UUWalmart Inc (WMT)62.715.5
16Jim WaltonEE UUWalmart Inc (WMT)62.515.5
17Alice WaltonEE UUWalmart Inc (WMT)62.417.7
18MacKenzie ScottEE UUAmazon (AMZN)59.861.2
19Huang ZhengChinaPinduoduo Inc (PDD)58.6199.0
20Carlos SlimMexicoTelmex & America Movil56.7-5.8
Source: Bloomberg.

As it happened in 2019, Jeff Bezos continues to lead the list of the richest billionaires in the world for one more edition, boosted by the spectacular results of Amazon in the year of the pandemic. Your company has been one of the most benefited by the confinement, with online purchases triggered by mobility restrictions, which has led to its securities on the Stock Market having accumulated a 75% yield throughout 2020 and its capitalization has gone up to $ 1.6 trillion. According to Bloomberg measurement results, Bezos, 56, has a net worth of $ 193.7 billion. His fortune has grown by 78,900 million over the last twelve months (+ 68.7%).

Behind the virtual shopping mogul is Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. The latter managed to reach one hundred billion dollars in value on the stock market last December, which has led to the South African businessman boasting of having a net worth of 160.7 billion dollars. In what Musk has almost no rival in the list of the wealthiest is in how profitable 2020 has been for his economy: the growth curve of his personal portfolio between January and December has risen by 133,000 million (the sum plus top of the entire list), which represents an increase in your fortune of 482%. It thus enters the list of the 20 richest, where it did not appear last year, sneaking directly into the second position.

The third rung of the golden podium is for Bill Gates, with a net worth of $ 131.5 billion. A final figure to which the American philanthropist, focused together with his wife in the direction of the foundation that bears his surname, has reached thanks to having added 18,400 million throughout the year (+ 16.3%).

Surprising moves

However, it is not Musk who stars in the most spectacular rise in percentage among the 20 richest. That position belongs to the Chinese Zhon Shanshan, a name practically unknown a year ago who has multiplied his fortune almost by 11 in 2020. The IPO of Nongfu, which bottles the best-selling mineral water in China, has catapulted the fortune of this former journalist , who is now the richest man in his country. Since January 1, Shanshan has earned nearly $ 68 billion, up 997%. His wealth is estimated at 74.6 billion, which places him in 13th place, just above Amancio Ortega.

The forceful measures to contain the pandemic in Spain have severely punished the only Spanish representative on Bloomberg’s list of the 20 greatest fortunes. Ortega, who ranked sixth in 2019, has fallen a year later to the 14th step, where he now stands with a personal fund of $ 68.2 billion. A downward result compared to the amount it had at the beginning of the year, since in this time it has lost 7,300 million dollars (-9.7%). The obligation to close the stores due to the confinement led to Inditex accumulating losses during the first half of the year that reached 195 million euros and that have made the fortune of the Spanish textile entrepreneur suffer. His daughter Sandra Ortega, who inherited the part of Inditex from her mother, Rosalía Mera, is the only other Spanish woman to appear among the 500 richest people on the planet.

Back in the ranking of the 20 largest fortunes, the other Hispanic-American representative on the list also gives way, the Mexican Carlos Slim, whose assets are valued today at 56.7 billion dollars. The president of Telmex has lost nine positions and occupies the 20th position in the ranking, when in 2019 he touched the top 10 with his fingers.

Fewer women, more Asians

The ranking is more masculine this year, as only three women make it into the world’s 20 largest fortunes (up from four in 2019). French Françoise Bettencourt Meyers ranks as the richest woman on the planet, a position that her mother, Lilianne Bettencourt held for years before she passed away in 2017. The owner of the L’Oréal cosmetics empire has 76.3 billion dollars, almost 30 % more than a year ago, after earning 17.3 billion in 2020. That places her in 12th position, one higher than last year and the first for a woman today: Julia Flesher Koch (widow of magnate David Koch and heir to his share at Koch Industries) falls out of the top 20 after ranking 10th last year. Also Jacqueline Badger Mars, heir to the candy company, is out this year.

Alice Walton (Wal-Mart) does appear in 17th place, with a fortune of 62,400 million dollars (18% more) and just in the next step appears MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos. In the divorce, Scott (who removed the Bezos last name) took 4% of Amazon, a firm of which he was a co-founder. The smooth running of the online commerce giant has brought her huge profits and her fortune has grown by 22.7 billion. She has responded by multiplying her donations to charitable causes.

Those who do gain presence among the 20 largest ultra-rich are the Asian fortunes, which go from two in 2019 to three in 2020. The Chinese beverage entrepreneur Zhon Shanshan is accompanied, on the 19th step, by his compatriot Huang Zheng (known as Colin Huang In U.S.A). The company he founded five years ago, Pindoduo, has exploded this 2020 with the idea of taking advantage of the void that the great e-commerce had left in rural China. And with this, his fortune has grown by 39,000 million dollars (199%) to currently reach 58,600 million. However, it is the Indian Mukesh Ambani, president and largest shareholder of the hydrocarbon and telecommunications conglomerate Reliance Industries, the continent’s first fortune. After growing his fortune by more than 30% this year, Ambani has amassed $ 76.4 billion and is just one step away from being among the ten largest fortunes on the planet.

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