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Trends analyzed by 50 experts (+) for 2021. Each of them has a lot of foundation and comes from very complete articles. Here we have a summary that encompasses most of the information analyzed and collected. The new normal is real and little by little we are learning to understand and imagine it.

The paradigm shifts and ways of working never return, for example the smartphone and being hyper connected, we will never return to phones and notebooks etc. This is how human nature works. We never go back to the guillotine, or to the caverns, or to open and accepted slavery. The world is always in transformation, adaptation and renewal.

  1. Humans want to socialize again, but telecommuting will basically stay the same. The mixed work model is unrealistic, we will simply continue to work online from our increasingly adapted homes and with meetings in fun and different places every month to socialize and connect. Multiple spaces will be created for large digital meetings with all solutions resolved. Nobody wants to live in traffic or in that whirlwind of information.
  2. Offices close at a very high percentage and that backward model is taken up by disruptive technologies. Every day we will have more digital assistants to work efficiently. Those big corporations will forever be remembered as the huge mammoths of 1980-2020 in extinction.
  3. Work hotels disappear by at least 50%. Travel, congresses or work meetings never return as they were, if they can be done online. Work tourism practically disappears. Calls turn into video calls. International boards in online boards. The great congresses in technological systems. New product launches in digital form and innovative technologies. Congresses supported by AI To receive personalized experiences.
  4. Homes are becoming more technological and adapted to daily work. Many companies will be dedicated to solving the needs of working from home. The house changes location. Today you can live outside a big city, work the same and generate the same value. The physical location goes to a second term for companies, but to a first term for workers.
  5. Productivity no longer depends on a boss who reviews you, now it is through platforms that help you measure results. The way of hiring staff is rethought. Hiring the best in the world today is easier, cheaper and more efficient. There will be no difference between hiring local and foreign staff. Today we are all global.
  6. Everything repetitive becomes virtual and in a subscription scheme. From churches, art, gyms, cinemas, entertainment. Sometimes we will go to physical things but the numbers will not give to maintain the physical infrastructures that were had before. Fewer places will be able to keep some models open. Sophisticated in-home VR services are coming soon.
  7. Companies that do not invest at least 10% in new technologies will disappear. The traditional company came to an end in 2020. It only remains to wait for its final death. With limited resources, companies require more certainty and better investments. A technology company, new and fresh today, can unseat one that has been doing the same for the last 50 years. Just as the Dark Kitchen model has grown, many services will copy the model.
  8. Tourism for entertainment returns fully strengthened in the second half of 2021, always accompanied by a lot of technology in its operation, from the purchase, the operation and the experiences to receive. People appreciate more than ever visiting the natural but with highly technological solutions. More remote locations, more authentic experiences supported with 24/7 digital assistance. Interaction is the foundation of the entertainment of the future. Be a part, experience something authentic and discover information in a dynamic way.
  9. The handling of personal data becomes more delicate and the big platforms will change. People go back to paying subscription stuff because of the sense of transparency that it involves. They prefer to pay than give away their data. The big brands today are worth their credibility. Everything can be copied or replicated except prestige. The value of the company today depends on many factors and not just its annual sale.
  10. The workforce is dramatically reduced and many simple operations are given to the AI. By 2024 AI will already handle complicated operations in millions of locations. But mainstream adoption begins in 2021. A very big global layoff season is coming. Unemployment occurs for multi-factorial reasons and not only because of the economic crisis.
  11. Education will never come back the same. It becomes face-to-face but technologically adaptive. Each one what they need. Studying offline and in-line will be normal. Schools and universities are transformed into a hybrid scheme forever. It returns to the scheme of hiring highly trained people to fill important positions, but candidates who achieved it on their own part are accepted, without a university degree to support it.
  12. The medical system adapted to digital with remote technology forever. A teleconference medical appointment will be normal. People will continue with rapid Covid tests throughout 2021 to feel safe. The vaccine is very fast-paced, but you will find great challenges along the way. Large hospitals rethink their operation due to the economic crises they have suffered from Covid 19. People get less sick from viruses, bacteria and diseases due to poor food handling thanks to a recurrent cleaning of the common individual.
  13. The personal economy is contracting, new ways of generating business transactions are being used, and people are saving more. A high percentage of family spending goes to activities that were previously unpaid and vice versa. The purchase of items such as elegant clothes is replaced by casual clothes. The radical transformation of habits continues in 2021. Electronics continues to be the most appreciated and acquired product for another year.
  14. Commerce continues to grow but online, players such as Facebook, Tik-Tok and YouTube enter to compete with Amazon. Close a percentage of 50% of global physical stores. Stores survive thanks to being experiences and show rooms, but real commerce by the end of 2024 will be greater online than in person in many areas. Large shopping malls will be trapped in time. Very few will survive in the long term.
  15. Climate change will be a much talked about and supported topic. Large industries will continue to transform and AI will be used to better understand and operate it. The adoption of bicycles as the main transport will continue to grow thanks to the transformation of cities. We will move from the Covid issue to Climate Change as the main issue in a natural way. An opportunity for global union to help transform and solve the big issues.
  16. New models of information and news by subscription with more transparency will help to provide content without so much Fake news, credibility and transparency will be the cornerstone of all companies. People are tired of so much information and prefer expertly curated systems to interact. Immediacy will continue to be highly valued.
  17. Mental health becomes a recurring theme and large platforms help people to cope with the aggressive, lonely and anguished situations they have experienced when isolated. One of the great costs of 2021 is the complication to work as a team again. Much to work, much to rethink. Leadership crises in companies will become more common every day.
  18. Major problems such as education, health, energy, security, politics, the destruction of the middle class, take the spotlight and solutions are developed by technology companies. Great capital is invested in doing good, while global problems are solved. Social entrepreneurship at its best with very substantial financial results.
  19. Everything goes natural and healthy. Food, experiences and way of interacting. 100% natural is today. Producing one’s own food, meditating and exercising, become part of the day to day. Permaculture and efficient personal production systems are growing exponentially. Everyone wants to be able to satisfy their personal healthy food needs. Consume local but real. Being healthier is the “new luxury”. Sumptuous products lose value and justification. Recycling is coming back with much more force after a year of uncontrollable waste, now with great technologies that actually initiate and solve the problems generated in the past.
  20. The world is seeing this year as a new beginning. A rebirth. People will rethink their personal, work, health, money and spiritual goals. Great opportunities are coming to satisfy all those requirements and changes of thought. A new start with more real values. Many behaviors are transformed and will never return. Accumulating, consuming and living for the material goes to the negative side of the conversation.

Innovation, technology, the natural and lateral thinking are the basis of the new reality. To continue doing the same without rethinking in 2021 is to go straight to the gorge. Everyone is in time to find new paths. The guidelines are defined. You just have to find new personal or business routes.

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