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My profiles are: “Ephemeral characters that at some point delimit their environment in the infinite background of an environment”

Cristobal Gaviria

A man in love with metal

The years between 1900 and 2000 have an important meaning within the History of Art because in them appeared most of the isms that revolutionized the entire history of painting and sculpture. However, in all those years there was a peaceful coexistence in which a neoplasticist work by Mondrian, a cubism by Picasso or a hyperrealist painting looked with equal interest.

This plurality possibly created confusion for the seventies and led to predict “the death of art.” There was a lack of interest in beauty and in painted pictures or traditional sculpture. However, it was only a passing fear, and on the contrary, roads were opened, highways for art; each creator, each artist took the supremacy the new inventions contributed other means and ideas. The so-called “installations”, “the interarte”, “the poetic spaces” appeared, among others.

These comments occur to us when studying the works and the plastic contributions of Cristobal Gaviria “Gavi”. His artistic life is full of searches and successes that range from figuration to abstract.

Cristobal Gaviria “Gavi”, works with love and enthusiasm, nothing stops him. It is possible to foresee that his successes will continue, the fundamental thing is that he works and works. His good taste and his great craft guarantee that he will remain in the forefront of a three-dimensional art.

Here’s something to contemplate:

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