Unknown by Flor María Bouhot

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  • Condition: Used                  Colour: Multicoloured
  • Features: Framed                Oil on Canvas
  • Width (Inches): 27¼           Height (Inches): 39
  • Style: Realism
  • Originality: Original
  • Region of Origin: South America
  • Artist: Flor María Bouhot
  • Year: 1990

Location: Horking Fine Arts

927 Maleny – Montville Road

Balmoral Ridege, Queensland 4552


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Flor María Bouhot (1949) is Colombia’s wildest, most daring, and most erotic painter. Her tropical fauvism skirts the edges of the abyss. Her strategy: a volcanic explosion of color. If she paints a red pepper or a pumpkin, they will inevitably turn into fresh, desirable flesh; if her brush plays with a vase or a tablecloth, its irresistible textures will bewitch with the tactile sensuality of the everyday.

Her trove of snared images then takes a rest. Over the years, in successive studios in Medellín, Bogotá, or Guadalajara, she has revisited them in the greatest silence. In this exploration, the photographic impression is a guide, never a straitjacket. It allows memory to blossom again, sensory impressions to emerge from the unconscious in a moment of alchemy, entirely unrelated to the documentary record.

1 review for Unknown by Flor María Bouhot

  1. Francisco J. Escobar G.

    Hi dear seller, I would like to ask you if could you please send me the quote for this painting by Flor Maria Bouhot and also for the series of works by E. Villa, 3 Mystical Series Framed Watercolours, thank you in advance, have a lovely day, Best regards, Francisco J.

    • manacesbusiness

      Hi, Francisco.
      You can contact Mr. David Ian Horton for information on them to: david@horking.com.au or +61 456 040 428
      Thank you very much for your interest

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